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フランス パリ出身

#015 2018年5月撮影

I was born and raised in a very religious and conservative environment where coming out was just impossible. As a teenager, I struggled a lot with my sexuality, hated myself for it and ended up repressing it. Even after finding love and fully accepting myself as gay young man, I found it very difficult to come out. It affected my relationship with my boyfriend, and with my loved ones. I was suffering a lot.
One day, I found the courage to tell my closest friend. It was past midnight, I was shaking and it took me a few hours before telling him. I was not relieved at first, even worried about how he would react and what he would think. However, after some time, his positive reaction and support helped me not only to deepen our friendship, but also to come out to other friends, work colleagues and family members.
In my opinion, coming out is a necessary step in a gay persons life, but it is also a lifetime process with every new encounter. It helps you feel better, but wont magically solve all your problems. It will allow to remain yourself with your loved ones, but will also trigger some bad reactions you must be ready to deal with. Have faith and courage, but stay safe!