パオラ ロペス

Public Health Service
Puerto Rico出身

私にとってのカミングアウトは、自由です。長い間、私は本当の自分から自分を隠して二重生活を送っていました。大切な人に大切なことを伝えられず、自分の正体を偽り、好きな人への気持ちを隠すことは辛く、一生続けたいとは思えませんでした。 カミングアウトは最も難しいことの一つでしたが、この決断をしたことを今日まで決して後悔していません。私の人生は空から大地へと変わりました。社会が求める人物に自分を解放した後の自分に、私は満足しています。私は世の中に溶け込もうとしていましたが、今となっては自分の道を見つけたと言えます。家族や友人が私をサポートしてくれることは、私にとって本当に大切なことで、本当に感謝しています。


For me coming out it is freedom. Long time I was living a double life hiding myself from who I truly was. I wasn’t able to share the important things of my life to the people I love, it was hard to lie about my identity and hide my feelings towards the person that I love, it wasn’t something I wanted to do forever. Coming out was one of the most hard things I had to do and until this day I will never regret taking that decision. My life changed from the sky to the earth, I’m happy with the person that I have become after free myself to the person and society wanted me to be. I was trying to fit in the world but I was lost now I can said I have find my way. I’m really thankful that my family and friends support me that it is something really important to me, but even though if they would not support me that would not stop me to be who I am.

For the people that don’t find a way to get out of that norm that the world have strictly put over our shoulders as the right way to live, please be you. At the end your happiness is what it matters. I encourage you to don’t live a double life, to pursue what your feelings are and happiness is. Loving someone, anyone no matter gender will always be love. There is a huge community out there that will always support you, that no matter what the unknowns are you would be able to express yourself and leave behind the fear and the stress to be living a double life. Is a lot of people out there struggling the same as you. Once you come out you will find so much love, people that will support you and understand you because you’re not alone in this.

Thank you for everything !!!