プロジェクト#001のフォトグラファーは、レスリー・キー氏。彼自身の「LGBTがもっと前向きに自分らしく生きられる日本になって欲しい」という強い思いが、「OUT IN JAPAN」立ち上げのひとつのきっかけでした。



Project #001’s photographer is Leslie Kee. Leslie’s own hopes towards “making Japan a place where LGBT individuals can confidently live their lives” set in motion the “OUT IN JAPAN” project.

This project is backed by the strong support and sponsorship of GAP. Since its founding in San Francisco in 1969, the company has stressed the importance of respecting the individuality and diversity of its customers and employees. GAP will celebrate the 20-year anniversary of its presence in Japan in September of 2015.

A special opportunity to collaborate with the legendary Broadway musical “RENT” (opening in September 2015 at Theater Crea) came about when Leslie was called on to shoot the cast, and from the mention of GAP in the musical’s screenplay.
The first portrait of the series is of IVAN, the performer playing the role of “Angel” in the musical.



“RENT” offered their support for the project by sharing their photo studio space with us. Sonim from the cast encouraged everyone by participating in a photo shoot herself.

#001 撮影風景メイキングムービーです。 音楽)KI-YO「We Are One」

Behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot. (Music: “We Are One” by KI-YO)