今回新たに資生堂「MAQuillAGE 」が商品提供の形でプロジェクトをサポート。


「OUT IN JAPAN」プロジェクトに共感し、有志で集まったスタイリストやヘアメイクスタッフによって、最初は緊張していた被写体のみなさんの表情もだんだんほぐれ、自分らしく笑顔でカメラの前に立てるようになっていました。


クラウドファンディングは、ひとりひとりの個性やスタイルを尊重するブランドAlfa Romeoのサポートにより、GREEN FUNDINGと連携したクラウドファンディング・プラットフォーム「Share your heart」により提供されます。

#003, the first photo shoot to be held in the Kansai area of Japan, was held on October 9th, 2015 on the opening day of the Kansai Rainbow Parade. The project was made possible by the support of the Rainbow Festa 2015 executive committee.

As with projects #001 and 002, Mr. Leslie Kee was the photographer for #003. Mr. Kee has been aiming towards shooting 1,000 people by his 45th birthday on April 5th, 2016, and made his way to Osaka for this project.

Despite the photo shoot taking place on a weekday, 106 bold coming out photos were taken of 120 individuals from the Kansai region as well as from the Tokyo area.

In order to ensure the shoot went smoothly with the 100+ participants, the presence of strong supporters was crucial.

Shiseidos MAQuillAGE gave us their support via cosmetics donations.
Gap, the founding sponsor of this project, continued to provide us with clothing donations and styling support. Approximately 20 store staff from Osaka and Kobe lent us their styling support.

The presence of friendly volunteer stylists and hair and make-up staff members helped create a relaxing and comfortable environment for the participants so they were able to be themselves in front of the camera.

To coincide with the web launch of #003, we have started a new crowdfunding project! In order for Leslie Kee to achieve his goal of shooting 1,000 people by April 5th of next year, and to ensure that this project remains sustainable, we need your support.

Crowdfunding is made possible through the support of Alfa Romeo, a brand that celebrates individuality and style. Our crowdfunding site Share your heart works in conjunction with Alfa Romeo’s GREEN FUNDING platform.