同じく渋谷区・松濤にあるフォトスタジオ兼イベント,ウエディングスペース「TRUNK BY SHOTO GALLERY」にて総勢98組118名の勇気ある素晴らしいカミングアウト・フォトが撮影されました。





また、OUT IN JAPANを持続可能なプロジェクトとして継続させるための新しいクラウドファンディングプロジェクトも近日公開予定。

クラウドファンディングは、ひとりひとりの個性やスタイルを尊重するブランドAlfa Romeoのサポートにより、GREEN FUNDINGと連携したクラウドファンディング・プラットフォーム「Share your heart」により提供されます。

It has been four months since the first OUT IN JAPAN photo exhibition in April of this year at the GAP flagship store in Harajuku.

The photo shoots took place at the event space/wedding venue, TRUNK BY SHOTO GALLERY in Shibuya/Shoto. A total of 98 courageous groups (118 people) were captured in stunning coming out photographs.

Leslie Kee, the world renowned photographer who shot the first set for this series (called #001 ), returned to continue his work for #002.

Since its establishment in 1969 in San Francisco, GAP has supported and celebrated the diversity of its customers and employees. GAP is the founding sponsor of this project and has continuously collaborated through providing clothing and stylists so that participants can feel confident in front of the camera.

For #002, student volunteers from the Shiseido Beauty Academy assisted in hair and makeup styling. Other organizations have seen the opportunity to show their support for our community by partnering with us for this project.

A photo exhibition for #002 is being held at the Theatre Creation in Hibiya to coincide with the LGBT-themed musical RENT being performed there from September 8th to October 9th, 2015. RENT actors IVAN and Sonin participated in #001, and for the second installment of this project, RENT producer Andy generously agreed to take part in the photo shoot.

We will start a new crowdfunding project to ensure that OUT IN JAPAN continues to be a sustainable project.

Crowdfunding is made possible through the support of Alfa Romeo, a brand that celebrates individuality and style. Our crowdfunding site Share your heart works in conjunction with Alfa Romeos GREEN FUNDING platform.

leslie kee


スマトラ沖地震津波被害者支援のため、約300人のアジアのトップアーティストを撮りおろした写真集『SUPER STARS』を発表し、表参道ヒルズでの個展が話題を集めた。
東日本大震災チャリティ写真集 『TIFFANY supports LOVE AND HOPE by LESLIE KEE』(2012年)が第40回APA経済産業大臣賞、AKB48『恋するフォーチュンクッキー』のジャケット写真が第42回APA美しい日本賞を受賞。
本年は宝塚歌劇100周年を記念した写真集「歌劇 2010-2014 by LESLIE KEE -100th Takarazuka Revue-」を発表し、写真展も開催している。
彼が手掛ける写真とアートマガジンのシリーズ「SUPER」は世界の企業やトップアーティスト、YOHJI YAMAMOTOをはじめとするファッションデザイナーなどと積極的にコラボレーションを仕掛けており、

LESLIE KEE – Photographer

Born in Singapore.
After graduating from the Tokyo Visual Arts School, Leslie Kee began his career as a photographer. He has concentrated on art and fashion photography, documentary filmmaking, advertising, album cover photo shoots,and promotional video direction in Tokyo, Paris, New York and Asia. He has photographed supermodels and celebrities around the world and is well-known internationally.

In response to the 2004 earthquake in Indonesia that caused considerable damage to northern Sumatra, Leslie released a photo publication,SUPER STARS, which featured about 300 of Asias top celebrities. The exhibition of these photographs at Omotesando Hills gained him widespread recognition.

Leslie has received numerous awards for his work. His charitable photo book for the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, TIFFANY supports LOVE AND HOPE by LESLIE KEE (2012) won him the 40th Japan Advertising Photographers Association (APA) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Award. Two years later, he received the 42nd APA Beautiful Japan Award for his album cover photograph of the band AKB48. This year, Leslie released a photo book called Takarazuka 2010-2014 by LESLIE KEE – 100th Takarazuka Revue – and announced a photo exhibition for the Takarazuka Revues 100th anniversary.

Leslie Kee has gained considerable attention for his photography and art magazine series, SUPER, for which he collaborates with global companies, celebrities and fashion designers such as Yohji Yamamoto. Through this work, Leslie has created over 50 publications and photo exhibitions, and has been invited to over 100 talk shows, including appearances at large corporations such as Dentsu.

Leslies presence on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (he can be found at lesliekeesuper on all accounts) is the focus of the international community.